6 simple steps to becoming a better person. A guide to develop positive attitude and self-esteem.

Have you ever felt unmotivated? Discouraged? Do you set goals in your head and never attain these goals? Do you feel as if you are pessimistic and tend to think negatively at times? Well here are a few tips toward building a stronger self esteem and positive attitude. A little advice will be provided on building your confidence and helping you become the full actualizer on Maslow’s pyramid. This will help you work to your full potential with 6 simple daily tasks. BECOME THE BETTER PERSON YOU DESERVE TO BE.

  1. Positive Self-talk is very essential –become more aware of your thoughts. Get into the habit of thinking positively. Tell yourself “you are the best,” “you will achieve,” “you can!,” Get rid of all the fear and the negativity and simply replace it by these positive thoughts.
  • Every morning, wake up and remind yourself of all your accomplishments and goals
  • Look in the mirror and find beautiful things about your appearance and then move on to all the beauty that fills inside you.
  • Set daily goals and daily schedules and make sure to complete them. A list is very helpful and as you go about your day you cross out each to-do step on that list and before you know it your day is over and you have succeeded. The fulfillment you will experience as you scratch out each step, is priceless. Seeing your list slowly but surely disappearing is PRICELESS!
  1. Be kind to yourself and to others-
  • Constantly remind yourself of all the nice things you do for others. Simple things as simply saying “THANK YOU” and “YOUR WELCOME” Any courteous gesture such as holding the door open or picking up an object for someone, helping an old lady cross the street. Practice positive and nice tiny gestures as these and you will notice that your self-esteem is feeling much better and fulfilled.
  • REMIND yourself that you are a kind person, you are nice, you are helpful, and you make a difference with each kind action you take and make.
  1. Affirm yourself-
  • Don’t ever let other’s criticism, judgments, and negativity get in your way or discourage you. On the contrary let the pessimists help motivate you into achieving and becoming the BEST person you can possibly be.
  • Repeat to yourself“I AM THE BEST” “I AM COMPETENT” I AM CONFIDENT” “I WILL” “I CAN” and “I AM” ….soon enough you will believe it and once you have believed it, you will then achieve it!
  1. Listen to MOTIVATIONAL Music- Not only do the thoughts you tell yourself affect you but also the things you listen to affect as well. Stay away from negative people and negative music. Listen to music that uplifts your spirit and motivates you into becoming a better person, into becoming the BEST person. Music that brings joy and brings excitement and hope.
  2. Read INSPIRATIONAL books and articles– such as books about successful people and the peace of mind, self-actualizers, self-discipline and will power. Educational books on positive psychology and simple tactics on becoming that individual that has reached their full potential. Knowledge is power and knowledge goes a long way. The more you learn the more you understand and the stronger your brain becomes.
  3. VISUALIZATION- Visualize ALL your dreams vividly, where you would like to work, the car you would like to drive, the person you would like to be, the relationships you would like to have.
  • Understand that everything in life is a process. It will take much work to get to these places and to reach these dreams. Being optimistic is the start and in order to attain your goals you must set “REALISTIC” strategies and tactics. Anything and everything is possible!!!!!
  • You cannot change the fact that you have had some failures and setbacks throughout your life but you CAN change the way you perceive them and your perception on things is very crucial.
  • Instead of looking at the negative experiences you have had prior to reading this, you should focus on all the many critical lessons you have learned throughout these negative experiences. The outcome of such negative situations is usually the lesson you learned.
  • Understand where and how you went wrong and come up with ways to make things better in the future, ways to help prevent repeating these same mistakes. Stay away from dreading the past! Focus on the Future!


Starting RIGHT NOW tell yourself you will be positive,

you will become a better person

and work on these few steps.