Everyone poses this question within himself/herself. Who are we? Why we are here? what is the purpose of our life? In this fast moving phase of our life, let us stop ourselves. Take out some time. Contemplate and try to understand the purpose of our life. Difficult! very difficult! not at all. In this universe not even a blade of grass moves without purpose. we are a tiny speck of that whole self whom some call God, some call Allaha, some call Energy and Universe. Whatever we call him we are sent here for some purpose. Once that purpose is completed we go back again to that source in simple term it can be said,” moksh mil gaya”, freed from these worldly cycle of Birth and Death. It may take a cycle of Birth and Death or many cycles of Birth and Death.

The problem is this that most of us spent our life in sleep walking.we spent our life in rat race. we are so much absorbed in this Worldly mela, busy in accumulating wealth that at our deathbed when we do hisab kitab of our life most of us feel that we have wasted our life.

We should always remember that “We come in this world EMPTY HANDED and go from this world EMPTY HANDED” . We may have tons of wealth but we will leave it here. Only our deeds Good or Bad will travel with us to another world.

At the inception of the Universe we were close to Nature. We believed in COEXISTENCE , living in harmony with Universe but as we evolved mentally and physically we trespassed and becoming more and more greedy started desiccating nature. On the name of DEVELOPMENT we started abusing nature right left up and down. For our selfish interest we created havoc and now see where we are?

Now the time has come, where if we want to give our next generations new lease of life, we have to” REWIRE the THOUGHT PROCESS” . As today’s generation prouds himself to be TECHNO SAVVY, we have to tell them in their NEWAGE language the importance of ‘old age‘ values. Let us stand together and start the process of “HEALTY LIVING AND HAPPY LIVING”

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